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   KOMTEKCT LTD  was founded in 1991and has become a leading provider of electronic computer controlled embroidery machinery and related value-added products and services.
    The Company offers a complete line of technologically advanced single-and multi-head embroidery machines, laser cutting and engraving systems, related equipment, application software, digitizing services, and complete line of embroidery supplies and accessories.
    KOMTEKCT LTD  provides a comprehensive customer service program, user training and aftersales support.The company believes its wide range of products offered together with its related value-added products and services place it in a permanently advantageous position of basic partner for all related with embroidery production.

    Our company’s products
  always present the latest embroidery industry standards.
    Our company’s staff  is well versed for supporting these standards.
    Our company’s   services introduce the new standards into embroidery industry.
    Our company’s credo:
One for all, all for embroidery


Our address

31, Captain Nikola Str
5300 Gabrovo
tel.: +359 889 439 833
fax: +359 66 800 895

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