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Embroidery Machines Functions

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USB input
USB port for easy design load and write. The system automatically identifies and reads different file formats.
Sequin device
Single or double sequin devices mounted on the standard heads for embroidering sequin designs with different sequins size.
Up to 100 designs loaded into machine memory. Standard memory loading capacity is 1 000 000 stitches. 2 000 000 stitches optional.
Tubular and cap embroidering
Quick, high quality tubular and cap embroidery with easy to change framing system.
Operational panel
A keyboard with separate buttons for the most frequently used functions. Big screen colour display for pattern control.
Multifunctional Heads
Combination of standard embroidery heads and special multifunctional heads for embroidering designs containing chenille, cording and standard embroidery.
Power supply control
Special system monitors machine operation and in case of power failure keeps up all the embroidery parameters.
Rotate/Mirror embroidery
The design can be rotated to an arbitrary angle and mirrored in horizontal or vertical direction.
Thread control
When a thread break occures or upper or lower thread runs out, embroidering automatically stops.
Automatic repeat
The embroidery design can be repeated automatically in horizontal or vertical direction.
Speed control
Embroidering speed is automatically adjusted according to the stitch length. Maximum speed can be set manually.
Floating frame movement
Automatic high-speed floating movement can be done to check the design placement in the frame field or to make adjustments.
Computer control
Personal computer connected to the machine transfers into the machine memory embroidery designs or monograms.
Direct floats
Direct floats forward and backward between any design point and control points (stop, colour change or jump stitches).
Automatic colour change
Needles, threaded with different colours, are changed automatically, when multicolour embroidery is produced.
Offset return
Automatic offset return to the offset point performed after a frame offset for facilitating applique fabric placement or frame changing.
Automatic thread trimming
A programmable automatic thread trimmer is built-in. Manual trimming operation is available also.
Compact size
The compact machine size requires only a small space for installation and operation.