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Embroidery Industry Related Equipment
Automatic Ultrasonic Hot Fixing Machines Series
High Efficiency Rewinding Machines Series
Single Head Cord Twisting Machines Series
Fixy -  Ultrasonic hot fixing machine with two operating plates for fixing decorative stones. Ultrasonic heating and laser pointer. Adjustable application time and manipulation pressure according to the type of the stones and material thickness. Reliable and safe for the operator.
Windy -  high speed thread rewinding machine. Thread tension adjustment. Thread lubricating system. Adjustable length of the wound thread.
Cordy - Single head cord twisting machine. Number of operating needles from 1 to 12. Number of fibres from 1 to 4. Cord thickness from 1 to 4 mm. Twisting speed from 1 m/min to 3.5 m/min depending on the cord size. Cord winding mechanism with automatic switch off. Thread breakage control system.
Plate Number 2 Spindle Number 1, 2, 3, 6 Head Number 1 
Plate Change Automatic Spindle Control Separate, Automatic Needle Number 1 - 12
Stone Placement Automatic Spools per Shaft 4 Color Number 4
Heating Ultrasonic Spool Size d/ /h, mm 12 x 1 x 75 Spool Size d/ /h, mm 50 x 2 x 115
Air Pressure, Bar 4 6 Spool Length, m 0 - 1000 Twist speed, m/min 1 3.5
Air Consumption, l/min 200 Speed, rpm 1000 Cord Size, mm 1 4
Power Supply, V 220, Single Phase Power Supply, V 220, Single Phase Power Supply, V 220, Single Phase

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