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Wilcom Embroidery Studio, the software for computer designing of decorative embroidery, is the most successful and practically developed computer product for professional multi-decoration of apparel in the world. Integrated with the most popular package for vector drawing CorelDRAW ®, Wilcom Embroidery Studio is an unsurpassed design system for modelling and production, which is why professional embroiderers and apparel decorators the world over have made it the industry standard for its features, for its simplicity, and for its quality.

Why choose Wilcom Embroidery Studio?

1. Especially for the bulgarian market – over 50% reduction in price.

2. Easier application – the software has been set to Russian language.

3. Get the newest version of the software – almost 200 hundred new and enhanced features.

4. More digitizing tools
Outlines and Offsets | Freehand embroidery tool
Step Repeat | Backstitch and StemStitch

5. Integrated with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6. Two software package updates in one!

6. New embroidery lettering - 15 new embroidery alphabets including popular logo fonts etc.
Multi-level Break Apart Lettering for editing.

Variants of the product

1. Embroidery Studio e3 - consisting of Embroidery Studio Lettering, Embroidery Studio Editing, Embroidery Studio Designing, including Russian language.

2. Embroidery Studio e3 + All Elements - includes 17 additional elements adding more to performance, additional creative effects, special decorative processes, chenille decoration, including Russian language.

All product variants include free installation package  

What Creativity package include?

What Productivity package include?

What Decoration package include?

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