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1. Offsets Advanced – embolden logos, badges and other designs with distinctive, colourful borders. Creates automatic outlines and offset borders. Borders can be any combination of 10 object types. Multiple offsets each with its own independent object type, colour, size.

2. Auto Shaping – Automatically using different geometric shapes when working with multiple objects and creating complex embroideries.

3. Team Names Advanced – Quick and efficient customization with names of corporate logos, tags and labels. The file with the logos is combined with the file with names by creating a matrix, eliminating excess changing colours and hand positioning.

4. Auto Digitize Bitmaps – Automatically convert bitmap images into embroidery. It can be performed directly in CorelDRAW and shorten the vectorisation, or bitmaps could be converted into vector image with AutoTrace and automatically create embroidery with Point & Stitch.

5. Vector Drawing – kit tools for drawing lines, polygons, circles and ellipses for applying stitches fills or different effects. Performs pairings, spins, changes in size and many other vector modifications.

6. Auto Arrangements – creates mirror images of each site and positions them wherever necessary. Instrument "Reflection" automatically creates effects "Wreath" and "Kaleidoscope“, while the tool "Mirror-Merge" is very suitable for creating matrices with repetitive embroidery through setting the number of rows and columns.

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