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1. Shading and Open Fills 3D simulations,
accordion spacing, colour blending.
Strippling, cross stitches,"trapunto" effect.

2. Photo Flash – Photo Flash - Convert black and white, grayscale and colour images into embroidery files, converts any photographic file into a digitized file, automatically handles spacing, specify row and stitch angles, optimize stitch spacing, specify skew angle, determine the distribution of needle penetrations.
3. Curved Frills - Complex shadings and open fills add dimension, colour and perspective to embroidered designs. Features florentine, liquid and contour effects.
4. Motifs - Create and store patterns for reuse. Creating sets of motifs. Application of saved motifs to create decorative contours of repeating motifs. Eye-catching fill of the forms and shapes with repeating motifs and three-dimensional effects with 3D deformation of the fill motifs. Simulation of convex and concave shapes with repeating motifs automatically processed with perspective and distance.

5. Free Hand – creation of embroidery by hand drawing with a stylus, drawing tablet or mouse. Hand painting can add effects to existing embroidery or create an entirely
new embroidery.
6. Custom Splits – add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery. Creates texture and details without increasing stitch count.

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