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1. Bling – Creates any type of combination from crystals of different sizes and colours. Individually positions each crystal with consideration of its shape, size and distance of other crystals ; or automatically deploys to curves and fills in forms. Read and write .YNG files for machines Yongnam GemMaster v2.9, and create files for all CAMS machines.

2. Virtual Decoration – creates a realistic image of an embroidery for direct printing on textiles using the special TrueView simulation of thread, fills, shadows and reflectionss in high resolution.

3. Creates special custom scripts and fonts. As the source, a drawing or a TrueType font can be used , which can be modified to spell it letter by letter or a general modification of the whole alphabet. For each letter different variants can be created and recorded in Wilcom. ESA alphabets.

4. Creation of remarkable embroidery combined with sequins for the manufacture of machines with single or double sequin devices. Combines contours, fills and sole sequins, by type, size, colour and opening. Controls fastening stitches, separates fills and creates automatic borders. It is possible for a vector image to be directly converted into an embroidery with sequins.

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